Lord and Ladies of Camelot,
Sign Up with
www.tapjoy.com and Earn Free Gems so that you can build a Mighty and Powerful Kingdom here in the Northern Territories of Camelot!

This is how it works:
Step 1. Go to http://tapjoy.com using your iOS device and Tap on "Get Started"
Step 2 Enter your birthday, email and password and SIGN UP
Step 3. Complete registration by installing provisioning profile

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Step 4. If you iPhone or iPad has a Passcode you will be prompted to unlock it! Just Enter your Passcode:
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Step 5. Tapjoy will list your Apps in the following screen and tapping on Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North will give you the ability to Earn Gems by completing the offer as instructed - See Image Below:
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6. Don't forget to validate your email address replying to the email that Tapjoy will send you after you SIGN UP:

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To see the Gems in your Account you MUST Refresh the App.
To refresh the App Tap on your "Players Name" > "?" > "Force App refresh"

8. GEMS WILL BE GRANTED to the last account you logged in to play Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North!

has asked us to direct all inquiries and complaints to them. Please use Tapjoy.com Help and Support if you encounter any issue