I play on 313, and this event was advertised 2 days ago. The advert refers to only anwynn343, and the chests that are mentioned in the advert aren't even available in the shop on my dom, so I assumed that it just wasn't happening on 313 like I'm sure most did. Well, I hit a few DFs tonight just for kicks, and happened to get one of the war banners. So, now with less than 24 hours left in this event, I have now confirmed that these are dropping, yet have next to no chance to actually hit enough DFs to try for a decent prize. Would've been nice to get some real info beforehand as to what was going on with this event. Any chance of an extension on this???

Also some info about what level DFs have what chance of dropping would've be nice too. From what's said in the message we have no idea whatsoever, so the people who assume that higher level are gonna have higher chances are getting screwed if they don't, or maybe it's only for level 7 - 10 like the throne items drop event? then people hitting 1 - 6 are completely wasting their time. C'mon, I mean give us some direction to go on, I'm getting sick of playing guessing games here. I feel like half the stuff I do in this game is a total waste of my time b/c there's never any info given, and I'm forced to guess at everything.