I am the boss of a number 2 ranked crew. I left the server I was on to start a crew and see how it would go. I really like to help people along in the game. So I thought what a better way to do that then to start a crew. I switched to a new server the same day it opened and started my crew. It was tough for the first month or so. I believe we were always in the top twenty, from day one. It took a long time to get to the top ten, even longer into the top five. Rank was never a goal of mine. I let everyone know that. If we moved up great, if not, not a big deal. I wanted other players who viewed the game the same way I did. We ended with a fantastic group of people. Never did I push for people to spend their lives on the game, always stating that real life comes first. I vowed never to release anyone because they were not on "enough". We never have.
Since the time of the pve respect going away alot of people slowed down, spent less time on line. Now there are 6 people in that are at the 10+ days gone status. I've kept trying to assure everyone that Kabam could not help but to bring back the pve respect in light of all of the people, their customers , that have shown and spoken out about how unhappy they are with the change. There are now several more people that log in once a week to see if things have changed, some log in once a day, but they don't stay online like they used to.

I would like to ask, what is there to do now? I was always online to help these people out, to answer questions, to be a responsible person, I started the crew, I should be there to do the job, right?
I fear by the time Kabam figures out what they are going to do, I'm not going to have a crew left to help out anymore. I don't see how my story can be so very unique, that this isn't happening is some form or way to other crews.

Its really to bad.