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    food production is -86000

    My food production is at -86000.
    How can I remedy this? What happened?

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    You built troops, every troops has a certain amount that it consumes per hour, I suggest you attack Lakes, Anthropus Camps, and other players for food to continue building.
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    Everybody goes into negatives sometime in DOA. I'm currently -215,000 in food. Just attacks anthro's and use the food to raise more soliders or create more buildings.

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    me -850k and i attack anthro camp everyday so i'm having 95 mil now

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    Something you're going to have to get used to I'm afraid. I'm almost -200 mill per hour and there are plenty of folks who are considerably more than that. Like Ozzy stated, you build troops and they consume food; the more you build the more neg you will be.

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