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    Lightbulb Murder Inc. Gang Levels

    Well, I think you should make more Murder Inc. Gangs that are higher level and have more troops in it just like Gangs 1-10. Increase the respect for it and resources and make it harder to kill. This will put some more fun in PvE because we should have more gangs to attack instead of just one of a kind. Just keep the same qualities as the lvl 1 Murder Inc. Gang like instant replenish and have butchers, snipers, pros. Also you could put some assassins in it so it will make it more challenging.

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    I think too it’s better to make the gangs much stronger than removing PvE respect.
    (e.g. 2-3k assassins @ lvl 10 gang… it should be a challenge to beat them because even now everybody hides troupes…)
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