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    Lightbulb A Collect all button for all resources

    i think you should put in a " Collect All " button in the game it would make it a lot easier way to collect all the resources at once. ; on a different note it would be a awesome idea to make it were you could upgrade the weapons our troops use ; and maybe get rid of the one min. speed ups i don't one min see a reason for those things one min. is not a long time a all to wait
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    Individual collection is tedious

    Here's a second for having a collect all button. You have it in Edgeworld so it can't be that hard to add here. Because of the positioning of buildings in my base it is sometimes difficult to get the mouse exactly on the right building for collection. Kind of a PITA.

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    i guess you can't be bothered to read the forum before starting a new thread. feb 9th i suggested this.

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    I and many others agree to having a collect all resorces button in final eden like in edgeworld have gotten to a point in edgeworld you using youur buildings including depos as an outer shielding and hard to obtain things while buildings are repairing.

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    I agree with the auto collect as well...i nvr played edgeworld..but i suggest that your resources automatically be put into storage until the limit is filled i dont understand why you have to collect them when this is your main base not an outpost...suppose you dont play the game one day and your resources are full and someone attacks you...then you have lost all of resources becuz you didnt collect them.
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