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    Great/Elemental Dragons in combat

    Ok has anyone else realized that the battle mechanics for Great/Elemental Dragons just don't make sense if you're using the waving technique? The purpose of the 2 waves sent in before a dragon wave is to clear the location of any enemy troops before your dragon hits, yet when your dragon does hit, it somehow manages to take damage even though there is nothing there to hit it. This makes no sense whatsoever to me, if the location is devoid of opposition, what is causing damage to your dragon?

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    It's a combination of the march to defending city, hitting the wall, and the defending city dragon. Even if the defender is hiding, the city dragon always defends and so does the wall

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    The GD/ED give a free boost of up to 50% to attackers. The healing is basically just a cooldown time to prevent it's constant use in every attack.
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