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    A week or so ago, I started a thread for a massive update to Maps that I believe would improve that feature quite a bit. I am going to repost those ideas here, along with starting a complete collection of my ideas for making Edgeworld better. I hope to eventually cover most features of this game, with a few ideas to get the ball rolling for each topic.

    Starting with Maps:

    I am slightly bored with the map in its current state. Map defense based on upgrading bases will be toned down over the next few months because of the large amount of levels gained from troop training. This means soon, many more players will be able to easily take 2k bases. It would be very nice to be able to upgrade bases to a higher level, like 3k+ and eventually even higher to match the growing number of high level players. Another idea would be to be able to shield non-player map bases. The cost of this would obviously be pretty high, since if it was used properly, it could block chains or completely halt an alliance's advancement. I think a large amount of Energy would be fitting, like 5m per hour of shielding. This would decrease the excess of Energy most large alliances seem to be having.

    On another note, alliance prizes could also be tuned a little bit better. True, the 2 combat skills for the 10mil tier is good, but I'd like to see more. I like the idea of giving out small prizes daily for small tiers, like the system that is in place. As tiers get higher, though, instead of giving out slightly better prizes for each higher level tier, I would prefer giant prizes at higher tiers, at the cost of longer reload times for the map prizes: Possibly an hour boost that reloads every 5 days for the 10mil tier, and a Cerulean Core per two weeks for the 40m tier. I believe the reason that there are not better prizes now is because it would be too much to give large prizes daily. This idea fixes that.

    Lastly, I would prefer a smaller, secondary map that resets weekly. This would allow larger alliances that are at their base limit to continue fighting on maps, and be a perfect place to conduct friendly map wars to keep the game interesting. This map could contain around 5,000 bases, that way it would be like close quarter combat for map attacks. The prizes here would be relaxed, if there were any. Maybe a pulse core for every member of the alliance with the most map bases/score, at the end of the week.

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