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    Idea for Venom Distillate Drops

    OK, so just a quick suggestion. Later in game I farm higher level rbcs for blood/scythes and 4s for speed ups. After receiving gargoyle armor from level 5/6s, they're pointless. Why not make them useful again by having them venom distillates?

    It would encourage people to get their gargoyle armor in order to receive the other drops, works both ways.

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    I think this would be a pretty good idea also. All those 5-6 Red Blood Camps are just sitting around and get hit only for blood now and then. This would bring a new reason to attack them.

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    Nice, finally another reason to farm 5/6s!!!

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    I like the idea. It seems kind of stupid that they level 5 and 6 RBCs are avoided by most people because once they have their gargoyle armor, you don't really get anything other than blood. And it seems long overdue that we start finding the venom distillates dropping from something in the world.

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