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    Three attacks within ten minutes

    I keep getting attacked by a player who manages to hit me three consecutive times before my base is shielded. When I attack I can only hit twice. My A1 base is shielded so all three of these attacks are on my main base. He'll hit once around five minutes later again and then another five minutes hit for the third time before my base is shielded due to attacks. This has been happening for about a month. He's hitting me over 20 times a day. Any ideas how? Since Kabam doesn't seem to be able to answer me.

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    This is quite simple. I have personally done this before.


    You need an A1 to do this.

    Hit a player once with your main base. Then use your A1 to hit him again. Next use your main base to hit the 3rd time.
    *This can be done vice versa.

    If he does not have an A1 then you can be sure that his activities are quite suspicious.

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    thanks trainheartnet

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    Actually the key to those attacks is he is waiting 5 minutes between attacks. The way it was explained to me by Kabam is that a player can indeed hit you more than 2 times if he waits the 5 minutes. I use to do this on the pve maps, especially the higher level ones back before they changed the attack rules. So yeah it's possible to hit you more than 2 times, and the most he could hit you would be 4 times using that tactic.

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