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    If like me you are tired of complaining to deaf ears then please join me here: www.facebook.com/allurdiamonds

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    I am happy about this and I bet everyone that isn't are diamond buyers with huge armies and are just wiping people out all the time. Some can't compare to the diamond buyers so this is good for them. I love the changes because I was sick of spending crap loads of time training just to lose all the respect when I battled and lost my troops.

    I still think you should make different servers for extreme diamond buyers and other people. Basically like in the government the rich run it.

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    Now there is absolutely no reason to strategise. Simply continue to produce troops to keep your respect growing. Since most players will get bored and leave the respect gained through combat will soon become irrelevant - just buy your way to the top. In the short term this may improve Kabam's revenue but in the long run who wants to play a game where there is nothing required - other than a credit card - to have your name at the top of a list?

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    It is such a great idea, except that I think pepople should lose respect when they send tropps to fight and they lose. Not to much though but maybe as much as it cost to train them.

    Still such a great idea.

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    im disagree. i dont like it. its idiot chane

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