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    When does it end?

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    It's bugged ! Last night I get the xp from completing my bomba but just now I completed 367 specters but didn't gain any xp. Normally I get 15 lvl by that. Can you fix it please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingpriest_of_Istar View Post
    Is the exp. reward for training troops permanent, or only a temporary thing, and if it is temporary then for how long will it last cuz i just used all my uranium to build 4000 shrikes, which will take 12 days to finish and i did it because it said i will get 120 lvls off of it. If the exp for training troops ends before 12days is up will i still get me exp. from training the shrikes or not? This updater is confusing on certain points as those, please answer.
    good question i want an answer to...

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    i want a answert too /ich will auch eine antwort

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    me too bugged. i complete training but didn't gain any xp

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    training troops was nice ... finished 1200 shrike lvl 9 and 310 specters lvl 7 last night while i was sleeping ... didnt get any of the exp from that training any of those troops? ...
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    Hey Guys.... I just finished training 768 specters and when done I got no xp… It said something ending with *0 XP*, and I wonder why is that and if anyone else got the same issue.... I would like to add that this morning I finished a group of disruptors and got the XP for them but not for the specters, just a few minutes ago.... Kabam guys, any idea why???? Is it possible to have something to do with the account in question being registerd on G+??? I write this message from the Facebook / Kabam account since I can't use the forum from G+....
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    All of you guys that didn't get XP. Did you start the training after they introduced the XP gain or before? It doesn't matter when training was completed. It is important when it was started.

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    It doesn't matter when it was started either.... I started the ruptors 2 days agon and got the xp, while the specters were started this morning, which is after Kabam announced the xp bonus, and didn't get any....

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    You're lucky to have got xp at all, because the update was not introduced until after


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