Less then 24 hours ago i queued up 1200 Soul Reapers in my ice op and it said it would take about 2d 14 hrs or so, i then used a Testronius Deluxe on it and it should have deducted 50% of the time required to train those 1200 soul reapers but it did not, instead it used my Testronius Deluxe and did not give me the decrease in training time, it shouldve taken about 23-26 hrs to train those troops and instead im stucking having to wait the full 2days and loose out on my Testronius Deluxe item. i hope someone from kabam will see this b/c when i sent in an email to you guys the reponse i got was


Based on your question we have included the following articles from our Knowledge Base.

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Dragons of Atlantis: Soul Reaper Challenge (PRIZES AWARDED)
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not one thing in those links was helpful nor did u or those links say nething about my item and how i was going to b helped. this is one of the reasons why us players get so upset.