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    New version of Edgeworld is leaking memory like crazy

    After 15 minutes on Edgeworld, my plugin-container goes crazy and climb up to 1GB of memory used, and everything becomes slow. Each keystroke in the chat box takes 3 seconds to appear.

    Am I the only one with that issue? It seems to be an issue in Firefox for the most part.

    Kabam, have you tested all browser during at least an hour to ensure there is no long term stability issue?

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    My game on Google Chrome is still running smoothly. It's either your computer or a firefox thing,maybe even mix of both.
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    Firefox is cr*p, use Google Chrome and everything will go fine!!!
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    I've noticed ever since the map change (flashing when mouseover) the memory use has increased dramatically.

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    Same Here

    Its crashing my browser quite often. using chrome. after about 1hr on here today the chrome task was at over 1 gig

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    Same problem for me. I am using firefox. Didn't have it before.

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    I'm having this problem as well. I was assuming it was a problem with the new version of Flash Player, but the problem seems to be limited to Edgeworld. I left my browser running overnight and it (plugin-container.exe) was using over 2 G of memory. The problem is not any better using Chrome.

    I have limited my play of the game due to this issue.

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    I'm having the same problem but when the system/game gets slow flash just falls over and I have to reboot the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris_SAII View Post
    I'm having the same problem but when the system/game gets slow flash just falls over and I have to reboot the game.
    Well it crashes on firefox and chrome both. What is the remedy. Kabam do something.

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    Yes i have been having the same problem i thought my brand new computer was getting a virus or something. i dnk to much about memory usage and stuff but i do know that there is a big problem with something as like they said it gets super slow and laggy after about 30 mins, it is hard to even boost.

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