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    Too Much Steel Do something about Excess Steel

    I always have twice the amount of Steel as anything else and it's the only resource that i have too much of and i'm sure i'm not the only one experiencing this. I have to use up most of it on Enforcers before i go to bed so that they don't sit there for other players to come and loot. Nothing else eats up steel like Enforcers do. Either increase the amount of Steel needed to train Enforcers or reduce the amount of steel received from Gangs.

    I can't give them to crew members and i honestly don't wish to give them to enemy players if they decide to come to me as a source of steel. And there's no market to sell excess Steel.

    If steel can be reduced and cash be increased from gangs that would be great because cash helps maintain big armies and do everything else that requires cash.

    I have 1300 Enforcers all hitting lvl 7 gangs and right now i don't need anymore so what am i to do with 4m in Steel when my other resources don't even hit 1m each.
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