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    Wrong Items and no reward - No Response

    No Mystery Box when spending 300 gems - Wrong Items in chests purchased

    Also - I spent over 300 Gems and recieved no Mystery Box
    Spend Gems, Win Fabulous Prizes!
    Spend 300 Gems in the Item Shop and and receive a Mystery Box that contains either 20,000 Catapults or 3,000 Gems!

    OK - I got your Auto Reply again - Which is getting rather upsetting. You have an issue with your programming or your advertising that I would like some attention given to - As I siad in my original message> I purchased several of these today from the shop - 2 of them contained Archers - no where here does it say Archers ->>>>
    Balin’s Mystery Box - Contains ONE of the following troops bundles: 20,000 Catapults, 20,000 Heavy Cavalry, 20,000 Ballistae, or 20,000 Pikemen. In addition to these Troops you also have a chance to win a Silver Guinevere's Mystery Box which is redeemable for 300 Gems!

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    Still no respone on this issue

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    I also have a ticket in on the Balin's box. I got 10k archers, which was not one of the prizes listed, and so far no response from Kabam.

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