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    Quote Originally Posted by jock837 View Post
    Total rubbish guys save tokens am at lvl 291 only had 8x24s that was the best geez its more troops than anything. ffs.
    I found this BB quite good actually. Got my first (and only) FMT +25 at level 40. Played until level 150 as usual and got 3x MT+32, 1xFMT+25 and 5xMT+24.
    The outcome varies greatly from player to player of course.

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    bron chests

    20 chests !!! terrible rates !!!!!!

    not only one mordred item, not only one steel ring, not only one big fmt.
    and 20 chests how many chances to win steel ring or mordred item?

    really dont understand why rock you dont make the rates better!!

    I had not bought the last months. Now I know it is again pointless. at kabam time i spend 200 dollars a month. now its no reason. they think player are stupid.
    for so bad rates i spent not 1 dollar !

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    Drop rates for Vault and Mine Expansions in the Remo is absolutely terrible.

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    alchemist 3/20

    As usual this event is rubbish, of course the carrot is Mordred hammer and Mordred greaves, what u get in the transmutations are troops and a squire hourglass, events have become an aspect of the game that is no longer an avenue for improving your game, they are simply rip-offs intended to make money. i'm done with them!

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    This new event is abysmal.

    They have only just rehashed Boss Battle replacing CH with TR and to get to the best level it is 81 levels hahah and its 7gems a token.

    Whats even better is that in 700 merlin tokens i won 7 conquest tokens hahaha.

    No thanks RY, as per, you exceed yourself in your inability to improve this game.

    Bank of Blakheart is now officially closed to KoC. Over the last 2 months I have not won a single item that has improved either my tr or ch. Played all legendary events (BB, Alch) and won some DPS, SPS and whatever else they are called etc. I'll add them to the the other 1000+ i have of those items.

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