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    New 50,000 packs for Dragon Warriors that drop from chests not arriving in inventory

    After the marketplace showed trades available (50 packs of 1,000 for 1 pack of 50,000 dragon warriors), I did some trading. I also saw that opening certain chests resulted in drops in packs of 50,000. Unfortunately, not one single one of the drops from the chests appeared in my inventory. The only packs of 50,000 that showed up are the ones I traded for.

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    Same here. Sancto Divinus Mystery Box dropped six 50k dragon warrior packs, but they were not credited in arsenal inventory. Glad I skimmed this thread and knew to check before opening any more from this box.

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    I opened a lot before I noticed I wasn't getting them. I shall now ignore any chest that has dragon warriors in it.

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    Apparently, the way RockYou has decided to address this bug is to stop the drops of packs of 50,000 in chests. Tested chests today that had been dropping the 50k packs and they are all back to dropping 1k (useless) packs.

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