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Fr1ght, are you connecting to the internet via a foreign proxy server?

It could be that the game is misreading which territory you are playing from.

Glad the Knights are not having any problems though, thanks for the input, guys. :/
as it`s you barb i`ll answer. all i can tell you is laptop is connected to router via cable and my provider is plusnet. i`m not even sure how i`d connect to a foreign proxy server. as of now everything is back to pounds, though i`m guessing it`s nothing these guy`s have done. this is a problem that`s happened before but this is the first time i`ve asked for help. more fool me lmao. i`ll not be doing that again, though it doesn`t matter anymore as i`m happily spending my money on another game. one that i know what i`m getting for my money and none of this low chance of this or that. but thanks for trying, seems the only help i`m getting is from everybody but the knights haha.