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    Hello I think it would be good to merge the domain 457 with the domains 433,435 and 439 even if the languages ​​are not the same precisely will give a bit of attraction to the game cordially quantum domaine 457

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    bonjour ca serai bien de faire fusionner 457 avec 458 435 433 et 439 un bon compromis^^

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    Probably the best idea I have ever seen on here.

    Quote Originally Posted by janzer View Post
    If we really want to have fun, lets scramble all the alliances into a completely new mix.
    Just combining domains keeps the old crap alive and does not give anyone a breathe of fresh air.
    Too much bad blood among some alliances and we could use a break from each other and OLD history.

    Perhaps mix alliances according to a power matrix of size and glory and other factors.
    Leave some of the smaller alliances together so they are more evenly matched.

    Or decide the number of servers and have a lottery and mix us all up.
    This makes so much sense that it won't possibly be considered. Great idea mate!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bertman View Post
    This makes so much sense that it won't possibly be considered. Great idea mate!!

    I suppose it is a great idea, if you forget the friends etc that players have made over the years even enemies that you just love to hate, being forgotten because someone wants a fresh start.. that would piss quite a few off.

    You can always choose which of your accounts is the 'main' one to be merged by logging on to that one before it happens. That way we all get a merge and you get your 'complete new mix'

    Personally i would be all for 2 or 3 'super domains' with everyone lumped together. Continuing on the path of merges every 1/2 years, that's what you'll end up with anyway. Servers may even stay alive for that little bit longer...maybe.
    I'm sure i'll put something clever here one day. Working on it.

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    All domains into one, let players have their items / anniversary gifts in their tiny accounts that RockYou have incorrectly placed into wrong domains.

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    in merito alla fusione domini ritengo che sia giusto fondere i domini con persone attive, quindi penso che un gruppo di domini da fondere insieme siano: 445,457,458 e 460. questi quattro domini innanzitutto sono domini diversi fra di loro dal punto di vista della nazionalità, quindi basta fondere domini della stessa nazionalità, facciamo una famiglia allargata. inoltre in questi domini ci sono player che hanno voglia di giocare nel rispetto delle regole e di migliorarsi.
    inoltre vi esorto a prendere in considerazione le opinioni espresse dopo l'ultima fusione tramite l'udienza reale. ancora non ho visto nessuna modifica di quelle proposte all'epoca.

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    Que se fusionen 441 y 456 pues son de idioma castellano, si se fusiona alguno mas mejor...jejejej

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    Merger domains i think should be an all in one supe domain with the expections of the 2 test sites.
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    457 et 435

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    I cannot see the entire picture like all of you but if it were me, I would look at percentage uses, revenue generated, ie, who puts allot of money into the game. i would then examine the percentage of individuals actually fight, especially when there a CC warriors ready to crush any attempt at attack, or those that know they cannot win so they never defend. I would then take any other data which I am sure I am missing some, and make the mergers in a way that makes the game more competitive and make individuals want to play the game. I do not think the issue is which ones to merge, I think it is how do we strategically make these changes so it makes the game more competitive but also drives revenue.


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