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    Global Crew Tournament : [Final Update]

    Get the Crew ready; a New Global Crew Tournament has begun! Compete alongside your Crew mates in this Global Tournament against every Crew in the game to win huge prizes in addition to your Server's Tournament Prizes!

    While your whole Crew will be able to win prizes in this Building, Training, Advisor, Vehicle Crew Tournament, all the Crews in the ENTIRE GAME will also be competing for the special prizes! In addition to prizes from your Server's Tournament, the top Crew in the game will earn 500 Diamonds, 1x Don's Decree +22 and 1x Leaked Files which is the Collection Item for the Brand New Omer'ta Armory Set.

    Click HERE to learn more about the Code of Silence Collection Event.

    Click HERE to learn more about Omer'ta Armory Set

    The Ambrosini Tower will also be renamed after the Top Crew in the Global Tournament! This Ambrosini Tower in every server will bear the name of the reigning Global Crew Champions until the next Global Crew Tournament. You'll receive updates on the Global Tournament in your in-game messages but check out this forum post here for more frequent updates.

    Upgrade your Buildings, Train your Troops, Upgrade your Advisors and Upgrade your Vehicle to contribute Respect to your Crew's leader board ranking. Building Respect is 10x, Training Respect is 1x, Advisor Respect is 3x and Vehicle respect is 3x.

    Leaderboard [Final Update]

    This Tournament ends March 18th at 4:27 PM PDT. Server Prizes will be distributed immediately after the conclusion of the tournament. Global prizes will be distributed within 7 business days after the end of the tournament. Leaving your Crew before Global Prizes are distributed will prevent you from receiving the prizes.

    Thanks for playing!
    -- The Godfather: Five Families
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