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    Thumbs up Emilio Crew, Teutonic Knights, 3 members 16th rank 133K Respect

    Hello my follow brothers, and sisters. I have Re-Created the once lost Knights of Ancient Germany, The Teutonic Knights.

    We are still small Yet Full of Destruction and Honor.

    Join us in the fight for freedom, Join us in the fight for....U know what....think of somthing imaginative and just look at the crew specs :P

    Teutonic Knights:
    Crew Rank: 16th
    Members: 3 (Me Xx_UaVrUsher_xX, Shrek, And Salvatore Vitro)
    Respect: 136596
    Activity: Everyday

    We will reinforce you when needed, We will take out targets u cant handle, and We will be there if you have any questions.

    Member Specs

    Respect: 66501 (22500 Estate Respect, 6615 Neighborhood respect, 4174 Research Respect, 6204 Player unit kills respect, 24495 Gang/CS Respect, 7CS respect, 2506 Estate unit respect.)
    Family Rank: 67 (Rank title Sgarrista)
    Level 40, with 5 006 177 / 5 398 081 XP

    Salvatore Vitro
    Respect: 27510
    Family Rank: 229 (Rank title Racheteer)
    Level 36 with 1 832 241 / 2 211 054 XP

    Respect: 43167
    Family Rank: 109 (Rank title Mafioso)
    Level 40 with 5 336 602 / 5 398 081 XP

    These are all the specs i have availiable at this time, Please feel free to check out are crew anytime you like.

    And also IF You're interested in joining and you send an Application, please notify me.

    Thank you








    sağ olun

    Eskerrik asko


    তোমাকে ধন্যবাদ






    And all the others as well


    Xx_UaVrUsher_xX Emilio server Cuneo family

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    Quae inter nos decernimus et obtinebit locum consistendi quod opus una familia tam populo. ut videant profectum mox vires crescere. Sinceritate, cura, responsabilitatis. ducem nostrum et dabo viros in solarium discere ordines, ut sic membra crescere. Tum magis, ut in proelium. Ostendimus remodeat hosti nobis pereunt enim aprt conetur rumpere. Suttlety et timore ire iuxta unusquisque enim nulla. Ut discedere in elit ordinem Teutonica milites vivere in et ostendere preserverence et inebriat hostem, ut vestigia lacrimarum simpliciter coniuncta et complexus. Tuetonic milites sumus, omnes unum sumus. Unum tantum gradum simul, ostendamus hostium languorem. Ut eorum fata fit a re.

    I decree that those that join us will gain foothold and a structure that will unite the family as well as the people. as the people see our progress soon will our strength increase. Sincerity, thoughtfulness, responsibility. leadership, and the willing to learn will bring our crew to the top of the ranks, as we grow so do our members. Time is increasing as we go into battle. We show no remorse for the enemy, for they are lost and try to break us apart. Suttlety and fear go alongside each other for we have none. As we break away the competition the order of the Teutonic knights live on and show preservation and soak up the enemy, as the trail of tears is simply connected and embraced. We are the Teutonic knights, we all are one. One and only, one step at a time, we show the enemies weakness. As their doom becomes a reality.
    Randolph Pierce Boyer III

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    Zurmammon is loyal and shall not falter till the family is united to defeat a common enemy....
    Randolph Pierce Boyer III

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    ونحن جميعا شعب للكلمة. رأي يهم لا يزال في هذا العالم. يجب كونيو ترتفع الى الاعلى، ونحن تبين انه في كل لحظة. نحن فرسان توتوني

    wa nahnu jensya sa'ab lla'kallema ra'ee yaham la' yezel fee hatha al'alam yeje'b cuneo teernafha ela' al'ala =.

    We all are people of the word. opinion still matters in this world. Cuneo shall rise to the top and we show it at every moment. We are the teutonic knights.

    I will be the crews Latin and Arabic speaker by the way.
    Randolph Pierce Boyer III

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