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    Cool Crew Recruiting RidersOnDeezNuts

    We are recruiting members. Write a 500 word essay on why I should take you in. Your essay must have a thesis, correct grammars, and structured and well organized.

    FYI : you have a higher chance slipping in a banana peel and breaking your hips and going to the hospital and the nurse that's going to take care of you and wipe your ass, (since you can't wash your own ass,) was your high school crush that you tried to talk to but you keep getting weak knees and sweaty palms and sweaty armpits, then when you're out of the hospital, you end up getting married to her and raising up a kid that would eventually play godfather too (since you're such a boring parent that you'd allow your kid to play this game) and your kid also seeing this pointless thread.


    Higher chance than getting into the crew... however, its still worth trying writing the essay..


    You can write the 500 word essay here.

    Taking sexiness to another level.

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    T a k e a n l
    Taking sexiness to another level.

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    can I join?

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    Taking sexiness to another level.

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