Update Time: Feb. 16th
New Version:V3.90

New Hero:
Titan Warlord
He’s the third evolution of Earthshaker, with the skill Annihilating Strike which has 10% chance to disable the enemy Angel (from casting Angel Skills or Artifact Skills).

New Mount:
Holy Eagle
Glamour skill: Eagle Guardian

New Fairy:
Fireball Kitten
A explosions fanatic, this naughty kitten accidentally blew up the Elves' pavilion while testing out her new gear... causing the road to Elf Village to be impassable for over a year.

New Component:
Spring-themed Components

Optimized the Guess Who feature to make it more enjoyable.

1. Smelting event starts on Feb. 20th (server time) with more items added in the shop.
2. The 20th CS Team Tournament starts on Feb. 21st (Server Time).