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  • Glenmen(?)

    211 47.20%
  • KingTubby

    134 29.98%
  • Killer Mamma

    186 41.61%
  • RockYouPhucksYou(?)

    21 4.70%
  • VBB

    34 7.61%
  • TeeGee

    14 3.13%
  • Lindemenn

    8 1.79%
  • theTOUG

    15 3.36%
  • MVP

    202 45.19%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Most Valuable Player View Post
    I want to sincerely thank everybody who voted for me and who came here to take a stand for me, I'm overwhelmed by your support and it really means a lot to me, I promise that I will work hard for you and the enitre community if I really get a spot as Mod, that's what I owe you!
    what I want to say about the poll yet is that 7 days was too long, the votes seemed to be legit only on the 1st day, after that a lot of alts obviously started to participate in the poll too as even Tubby pointed out himself in this thread a few days ago, 1 day or 2 days at most would have been better and absolutely sufficient, there's at least 70 Noob alts who voted for for glenn and a lot of them also voted for Killer Mama, I know that Killer Mama had nothing to do with this and I think it's obvious what the plan of those alts was (whoever it was), funnily enough the join date of most of those alts was during the poll, this alt right here just joined today LMFAO

    again thanks to everyone who supported me, I'm still overwhelmed! good luck to whoever gets the Mod spot(s)
    You're right MVP, I had nothing to do with alts voting, in fact, i didn't vote. I'm glad to see players recognized by the community, but the issue still remains the fact that if LC and Johnny don't have the tools to do the job, thanks to Raichoo, will the new mods? Currently we have at least 5 threads going on CvB, they can't be merged with zero tools. How can mods help here with zero impact?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theTOUG View Post
    Well hello. I would be The Toug, and up until about 10 minutes ago I had no idea that I was in this poll.

    So, to whomever thought enough to nominate me, a very merry Thank You! I do fancy myself to be pretty damna knowledgeable about this game but I certainly believe there are a couple folks on that list that probably out-class me when it comes to -some- things about this game. So good luck to them.

    However, if I do win this election and am elected your next President, my first action will be to sign an Executive Order stating that the fellowing items and stores must be overhauled and modernized with current, useful, and necessary items to be rotated in and out with other current, useful, and necessary items every 30 days.

    The items/stores in question are: Bearer Bond MB, Penthouse MB, Exchange Building, Daily Token Store, Flight School Boarding Pass Store, and Financier's Office.

    Once that it settled, I also recommend that we BUILD A WAL-.... actually never mind. Let's stick with the above statement.

    No need to ban anyone, either.

    Thank you very much for you time, and remember:

    A vote for me is a vote for Change!

    ...changing items in various boxes and stores to benefit the free player after all. this. time.
    nice to meet you. you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders too

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    Why the hell are we concerned with mods?? Look how this game is administered!!

    We need new administrators.

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    This thread is jokes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_Abruzzi View Post

    This thread is jokes.

    Dank memes melt steel beams
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    Almost 50 'Feb 2017' voters each for the top 4.And more of the alts registered earlier with zero forum posts,etc.I'd say over 70% of all votes were bogus.Wouldn't be fair to blame only one person either as it seems that most of the top 4 got a lot of alt votes.Maybe next time RY should stick to a interview and a questionnaire instead.Other than that very conclusive poll indeed......

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