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    'Laws are meant to be' - Collection Event

    Hey Boss,

    The Hills just doesn't help anyone who comes begging. And they do come begging. The braggarts, the mob bosses, the Capos. They all think they're bigger than The Hill. But once the little titbits start rolling out, once she slowly starts to reveal what she knows about you and how she can unravel your life, you get down on your knees, real slow, and ask for her help. You beg for a chance to work with greatness. And, if she is in a good mood, you'll walk away with your dignity. And your life.

    Convince her to side with you! For remember, The Hill knows all about skeletons. Both literal and metaphorical.

    Advisor Name: Arlyne “Laconic" Hills
    Advisor Type: Law

    Jail Buff (All) I
    Jail Size IV
    Influence I
    March Size III
    Jail Debuff (All) II

    Click HERE to learn more about the Confidential file Collection item

    --The Godfather: Five Families
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