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Thread: Cloned Bases

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    Angry Cloned Bases

    In M Lin Variable sector, a number of players have created multiple clones of their bases which they are using to surround and lock down their opponents.
    I understand this may be happening elsewhere too.
    This may be a game bug that is being exploited or else they are cheating. Either way, they are cheating in spirit!
    Tickets have been raised about this issue, so far with usual automated response but no action.
    This is ruining the map play for the honest players and must be losing players from the game who are getting fed up with the situation.
    Sort this issue out guys or there will be no point playing the game!

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    In Captains Logg sector this has been going on for awhile as well. Frustrating to say the least

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    In "Soulstice Cosmo" a lot of players are cloning bases. It is ridiculous! See:

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    any reaktion from rock you ?

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    I wish wish wish they would ban any player with more then 2 cloned bases. Just flat out PERMA BAN these scum.

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    I agree! and This is my thinking:

    1. The BAD guys will not force me to leave my alliance
    2. Kabam/RockYou will not force me to buy shields in order to stay on map
    3. Flying ain't so bad
    4. I have sent in so many support tickets about this problem, I will stay in this holding pattern until they do something about it.... I will not buy plat until they get rid of the clones
    5. I will spend more time in another game that has better controls and responsiveness from support and spend my $$ there (actually enjoying Vega Conflict much more now) also, this other game is not related to either Kabam or RockYou and none of their games will ever see me

    If Kabam/RockYou sees enough of us in this same boat, we can only hope they will do something right for a change.

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    probably nahue and his friends they doing same to all sectors

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    the answer is simple, rockyou is intentionally driving away honest, paying players so they can re-purpose the servers. they want the game gone, so zero support.

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    I believe most of this falls along the lines of 'if they do it and don't get caught then why not me'. I have one in my alliance that has done this sadly enough. Kicking a player still keeps that base on the map for a time even though they aren't in the alliance - at least from what I have seen. While I do not condone this behavior it still falls along the same line as one player having upwards of 20+ accounts (at least one player on my sector) so that the outcome is still the same. Blocking off whole sections of map however is going to far.

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    I don't agree with cloned bases, however we have hackers/coders in our sector that can take a huge amount of nodes even when they have four members in there alliance and there is nobody on line. The only way we can compete against them is to clone bases. We have sent tickets to customer service for 5 months and they don't care. The only choice we had was to take matters into our own hands,

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