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    Thumbs up Gambino Soldiers

    Please come join Gambino soldiers if you play on forlenza- I will be on new servers as they show up also always a Barzini crew- with Loyal- long term players- Thanks- Keep your eyes open for ( WAMPA ) as boss - each time- Pro at #1 crews- more then one server -
    Plz join if over 14k or ~ thanks Wampa aka Fum0

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    Join EMG if you are still on Forlenza


    -Gambino Soldiers is gone- ** It was a crew made By Me and Don H after the crew:
    -BARZINI RULES- was a crew** It was closed when the creator and members resign, when I was left to do the crew on my own . I disliked the name,and idea that I was left to keep a crew I was talked into making, and not doing my Own crew--I was Annoyed by the crew being left to me- I exposed Spys, And was not happy later to be treated bad and as if i knew nothing..Left with people not playing like pros-and no one for example:Reading guides- or following orders to gain respect- I closed "BR" to make "GS"- "GS" then closed because Don H was inactive for many days and some people messed up an attempt for use to have 2 other crews-Lucchese and Capone Soldiers- With Lucchese still active and now Capone gone- Bonanno Soldiers was made by its own crew leader- And I have left to become a member of EMG-
    -EMG- Is the crew I am in now and is a Crew With Active good players- March 24, 2012-
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    ★☠★☠★☠★☠★☠★ WAMPA ★☠★☠★☠★☠★☠★

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