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Yes, uber outposts, not high level outposts. We all know as we gain levels, high level outpost will become nothing and there will be a need of even higher level, so what is the point?
The outposts' bases are extremely huge.

Uber outposts are outposts with :

-10 Command Centers
-400 Guns
-50 Supply Depots

A player, will achieve victory only when 10 command centers are down. The outpost is not captured after a victory. It degrades by 1 tier. Unless the outpost is destroyed at it's lowest tier, then it is captured as a lv2000 base.

Tier 5 : Attack and Def Level 1500 [Lv1000+ players allowed to attack]
Tier 4 : Attack and Def Level 1000 [Lv 500+ players allowed to attack]
Tier 3 : Attack and Def Level 500 [Lv 500+ players allowed to attack]
Tier 2 : Attack and Def Level 350 [Lv 400+ players allowed to attack]
Tier 1 : Attack and Def Level 250 [ ONLY PLAYERS BELOW Lv500 allowed to attack ]
* Each supply depot supplies E, G , C and U depending on the tier.
* There are no neutral uber outposts, only upgradable from Lv2000 to tier 5 for the costs of 100mil E and U .
* Tier 1 is only attackable to players below LV500, thus the requirement of a few low level player to capture it.
* Bases [Up to 10] which are surrounded by these uber outposts will not be attackable unless one of them has been removed / captured.
* An alliance may only have up to 50 of these outposts.
THIS IS A MUST HAVE IDEA! But i personally feel that the Uber Outpost should have very high level upgrades too...

as of my idea :

I think bases on Map should have an "Add-on" upgrade which costs Energy. Any base can be upgraded with the "Add-on"
If a level 20 bases is upgraded with an add-on, it becomes LV20+Add-on , if its Lv25 then Lv25+Add-on and so on. The bases can still be upgraded once it has the "Add-on"

What this does is that it allows bases to be captured up to a range of 5-10 adjacent bases from that "Add-on" base.


Transform the map by doing all of the following :
-Change the map into and OCTAGONal shape, increase the total bases to 1 000 000. [ each base is adjacent to 8 more bases ]
*Chaining can still be done with this, its just that there are 8 directions to hit and there are total of more than 10x bases.

-Reduce maximum bases to 20 , 000 & reduce the daily prize points scale, 1 - 50 - 100 - 5000 - 100 000 - 500 000 - 10 000 000


What this does :
*with 10x the amount of maximum bases, you can fit in FOURTY (50) ALLIANCES ON THE MAP! You make every sector very active !
*with reduced maximum bases, the map becomes more compact with more alliance.
*Improveing the alliance cap to 200, doubles your total players.

Without this :
*Map is only dominated by 3-5 alliances. If you had a big space, these alliance cant even reach out everywhere, allowing a fair ground for 45 more alliances