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    Quote Originally Posted by MarlaDOA View Post
    When is someone from RockYou going to address the fact that the packs of 50,000 that now drop from chests don't show up in your inventory?
    And we can only open FIFTY of the new bigger packs at a time. STILL TEDIOUS..............

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    I really counted on the 50 packs opening normally, I stepped right into that one, it STINKS! You know it takes as much time to change the 1ks for the 50 packs as it would to put them straight into the game? Congrats, you took away the only advantage with not letting the 50k packs go in fast, who ever thinks this things out can be sacked?

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    Do not open chests with dragon warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'since they introduced the fix' no dragon warriors are being credited to inventory at all!!!!!!!!


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    i agree with you on that one because i have ober 280,000 of them and it sucks only doing 50 at a time so they should raise it to 2000

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