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    Controlling Your Units

    Is there any way to control your units attack target?

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    units will attack the closest building until fired upon. they will then move and fire on that turret until destroyed. a slight shift in placing a unit can cause it to move in a different direction. also remember that you dont have to drop all your force in one spot.

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    Which Units to attack with

    When attacking a base in either PvE or PvP, what is a good army set up? My helipad is level 2, so can send 30 units in right now, so I use 6 Chopperators and 18 Lean Means. I just acquired the Marauder and am leveling it to 2. My Lean Mean and Chopperators are both level 3. I have just started this game, and am new to it. I would like to know any advice on buying units and attacking other bases. Please and thank you.
    -Cemetery Jon

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