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    Quote Originally Posted by rubiesrus View Post
    this is so stupid i don't know why im still paying your wages
    you are a business company if you say your going to do something for a deadline meet that deadline!!!
    I'm surprised me and many others are still paying to play this game. If i don't receive my troops by midnight tonight then not only shall i be sueing you (i have already enquired about this) for false advertising but also will no longer playing this game and as i am very popular in most realms i know a hell of alot of ruby players willing to follow me they have already said so.
    You have till midnight, if i dont have my troops by then start looking for a new job
    me 2. 6k rubies spent and not a single troop!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Same here and yes, taking action this time if they do not arrive as promised. Their own Terms of Service require them to comply with promises made and yeah, there are those pesky laws regarding advertising, promotions and lotteries.

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    nothing yet

    I still havent received anything, and i used 500+ rubies. Nothing at all. Are they still trying to get the bundles to everyone?

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    Still nothing

    Not received a single thing yet.

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    I did not see this. So I sent in support ticket. Will check forums now for these instead of support. Hopefully we all get today.

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    I still didnt get any troops. spent over 6000 rubies aswell!! this is making me very angry. i feel robbed.

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    well I sure did not get mine...

    I purchased 400.00 worth of rubies and spent at least 4ooo of them with in the time frame... and I have not gotten anything for the aphrodite army event... I have been waiting to hear.

    Vally of the alliance Smooth Up In ya in Double cross realm...

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    I have yet to receive ANY troop bundles and I should have 8 bundles in Sungrebe.
    -Phoenix Mother.

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    I didnt get mine why ?

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    I have not received my men yet either I am in two different realms and don't have them in either of them the first realm is in Frederick and ign is foxy girl on this realm I used 1000 rubbies so I should have gotten 2 bundles, and the second realm is Guillemot and ign is sashanta and on this realm I used 500 and on this one I should receive 1 bundle. I can't afford a lot and I took it that you guys would gives us the men that you messaged us all about.

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