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    Northern Alliance - Procyon Server

    Hi, we're an old alliance on the Procyon server that is holding a decent space on the map. We've fought long and hard since last year and have a variety of members of all levels. We're currently at half our alliance capacity {around 54 members} and are looking for new players from outside the server that we can help out and train to be effective PVP,PVE and map-wise. Just look us up and introduce yourself as someone who found out via the forums. Things have polarized a bit on the server so new players are hard to come by.

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    Hello All, from the last time we updated this thread, we've expanded our territory to over 12k bases and added members to about 67 players, but are still in need of people. The server is one of the older ones so we lack new blood coming in. If you wish to join an established alliance with helpful players, come over to Northern Alliance in Procyon. Just apply and introduce yourself via email (indicate you found out about us via the forums) and we'll gladly accept. We're looking forward to new players to help out and see grow into battle-ready commanders in our sector.

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