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    Throne Room Guide!

    Welcome to the Throne Room Guide!

    Throne Room is now available!

    The Throne Room is a new feature that allows players to collect and show off Throne Room Items while gaining bonuses to their troops, knights and even their entire Kingdom. Players will be able to acquire Throne Room items as rewards for attacking Wilds, Barbarian Camps, Dark Forests and other players. Once Throne Room Items have been acquired players can Equip them in their Throne Room to start receiving bonuses.

    Learn more about what Throne Room has to offer below!

    Throne Room Basics
    Item Basics
    Acquiring Throne Room Items
    Item Effects and Definitions
    Inventory, Stats and Pre-Sets
    Equipping, Salvaging and Unequiping Items

    Item Upgrading and Enhancing - Newly Added!

    Upgrading a Throne Room Item

    Enhancing a Throne Room Item

    Throne Room Discussion

    Want to discuss the most recent changes to Throne Room? Check out the official discussion treads below:

    Throne Room Enhancing and Upgrading: Bugs Reports - Please post any bugs you find while playing Throne Room
    Throne Room Upgrading and Enhancing: Suggestions - This is the place to post feature suggestions/changes to Throne Room.
    Throne Room Upgrading and Enhancing: Throne Room Strategy - Place to talk about items and configurations.
    Throne Room Enhancing and Upgrading: General Discussion - Feel free to talk about anything Throne Room Related

    Update:Thank you for all your feedback on Throne Room! We are working our way through all the comments and will be addressing the most popular questions, comments, and concerns in our next Developer Diary. Our next Developer Diary will also have more information on Domain Mergers and upcoming enhancements to Throne Room.Thanks again for all the great feedback and keep on the lookout for the Developer Diary coming at the end of the month!

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