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Thread: Glory Icon

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    Glory Icon

    What are the lvls of the glory Icon and do you keep this or does it reset every week also????

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    These from another thread should help answer the first half of your question. No one knows if the icon resets weekly because it hasn't been around for a week.

    Quote Originally Posted by sc_dan View Post
    Ive gone the following:

    Rabbit 0k
    Ram 1k
    Horse 2k
    Deer 4k
    snake? 8k (i can't make it out either... looks like a green gummy bear thats sat in the sun)
    eagle? 16k

    I don't know if there is anything between horse and deer or not.... one domain i jumped straight to deer... another domain i lil gloried it up to horse, then had a big jump in glory and got deer.
    32k and 64k should be the final 2 lvls.

    The TR is full of poo.

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    i know this tread is about the icons. what i would like to see is for them to add more animals icons and have the intervals increase like our might did and make the glory permanent like our might. it would not be bad if you loose glory for being a bully and hitting nothing but lil guys. but to only have a chance at a prize if you get a lot of glory at on time is not really that good. you will either have high might or high glory. if you are always going after glory you will leave yourself with no troops to defend.

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    There are new glory icons, just I think they are for lifetime glory points.
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