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    Can someone please math this out

    3.3mil MM is defending
    1.7 Mil Pike defending no wall defenses no nothing!

    1 of each troop including supply troop+wagon, with 35k rams 249k cats could someone math this out round by round please my friend suggests there is a minimum of 9rounds and under, if anyone could take time out to do this i thank you very much.

    attackers and defending researches are all 11, a special thanks to anyone who works this out!
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    1 of each troop (Rainbow waves) doesn't help in real attacks, only in Dark Forest battles.

    Personally, I'd use some archers to kill the pikes, then a single wave of heavy cav, With defense boosted and a high skill knight, will flatten all the mm.. =)

    ...but that could just be me.
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    yes arch or bals to kill the pike, then send 40k siege with 25k rams rest hc to minimize hc loss on mm

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