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    are yall goin to boot the ppl that are not playing anymore to open the realm up cus i have been asked that question alot my my friends that what to play in the same realm that i am in please reply

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    -In which cases would you defend against an attack? Why?

    I will defend against most attacks I feel I can beat. Because if I can not be "victorious" on a defend, then I will no longer have troops. Also depends on how many sentinel warnings I have coming in. It takes to long to read them all and get back to the wall to hit defend. If Kabaam put a "incoming" tab like the attack and building tabs. This would be a lot easier to monitor. Maybe put this "incoming tab" in the wall's window. Also as has been suggested before, an alarm or flashing lights would help to determine if the new message was a sentinel warning or not. Allowing you to go to your wall instead of to your inbox.

    - In which cases would you hide your troops and not defend? Why?

    My troops are always hiding. Until a sentinel warning goes off. Then if spy, I may let them see my resources, to bait them for an attack. If attack is with "kill" troops I will decide based on who is sending it and what is being sent. Some alliances love to speed hit in waves. So best to "hide" your resources and troops and send the great dragon out in those instances.

    - Is defending (or not defending) against the Wraith Dragon different from normal defending? Why?

    Yes. First you have no way of knowing what level of Wraith is coming at you. Also the Wraith is so powerful at level ten with boosts that anyone without 200k of each ranged troop will have heavy losses with no penalty to the attacker. If a dead wraith resulted in the attacker loosing its remains, then it would be slightly better. Making the attacker find more remains before attacking with it again. As it is now, a ruby player with almost all level ten reaping stones can have 2 million in blue energy and a summoned wraith. Making three attacks possible even if it's defeated. I have seen two attacks with a wraith take a 8 million power player to 3 million power. We could of sent the wraiths again, but finished him with troops. Seemed all that was left was fang, lava, Fire Ms, and LBM. Pitiful really. I like how the wraith takes out the ogres effectively (nothing else does). Also how it balances the power a small player has to a big one. But, we need to be able to reinforce ourselves with the Elemental Dragons to help with wraith or a new angelic dragon you can rein your city with to match the wraith. Or as suggested, an option to defend with what ever troops you want and hide the rest. This needs to be done fast and easy though. A separate window to select troops to defend, with will only result in you looking at a window typing as the attacker speeds and hits you. I have seen suggestions where you can have preselected attack troops. That would also be great for your wall. Until the wraith "scare" is fixed I doubt I will ever defend against it. I will just ship out my res and Great dragon. My loss of troops to the wraith would be too great and with no consequence to the attacker. The resources potentially lost just are not worth the loss of troops either. Penalties to defeated attacker with wraith and rewards for successful defense would have to be implemented to give me incentive to defend it.

    In closing, I would just like to thank Kabaam for listening to us the players. So many developers only rely on play testers and programers for updates and expansions. You have done right to us by allowing our voices to be heard in this social, political, strategical, and fun game. Thank you.

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    Imbalance fixed with wraith somewhat...

    I see nothing wrong with the wraith dragon but the fact is that the game has a massive imbalance between players and now it has been somewhat fixed...Lets face it how many people want to play when they get hit all day and all night by a player with 5 million power more then them..Keep the wraith just dont let anyone attack that is more then 1 million power difference.I think this would be a nice way to fix the imbalance problem with players in the 500k power getting raped all day by a 3-6 million power player. Now these higher power players know they are just going to get hit right back when they pick on the little guys.Just today a 8 mil player was taken out with a bunch of attacks from much lower power players that have wraith dragons...its awesome!!!!

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    i feel that people with higher levels should not be able to attack lower level people and as for forests and lakes need to be able to be attacked at will and dragon parts should be more easier to find

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenmonster View Post
    It really isnt that bad people. I am 7mil in power as of now, and I only lost 10k ogres in the attack. Oh I forgot about the 900 bd's that I lost as well. My bad lol. Thing is that I have already revived them, and all is well. Its not like you lose them permanently. You just have to take an extra step to bring them back. So defense isnt as big of an issue as some are claiming in my honest opinion.
    there is no way u are only 7mil in power and only loose 10k ogers. i have a nice force for being 13mil and i had 220k ogers 200k ljs and 200k fms and i still lost 20k ogers and 13k bds so i ask again lets see this report u say u lost only 10 ogers.....

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    In which cases would you defend against an attack? Why?
    In cases where it is almost a certain victory and my loses would be equivalent or less than the attacker's because loosing all the troops in one attack represent losing too much time.
    - In which cases would you hide your troops and not defend? Why?
    In the case that the attack is too small because it could be a trap and have a bigger attack hiding as backup
    - Is defending (or not defending) against the Wraith Dragon different from normal defending? Why?
    In this case I agree with the previous post with risks because in my case I deffended an attack and I lost almost 40k granite ogres and my attacker didn't loose anything which in my opinion is extremely unfair, and in my opinion there are three options to improve this situation.
    1) Include a new troop (a dragon holder) that has equivalent requirements to be trained (for example 500k blue energy and 100k talismen) as the wraith dragon and that should have the ability of holding the dragon 2 or more turns in order for the other troops to be able to kill it whithout losses. This troop could be used deffending at most two wraith dragon attacks in case the deffendant wins
    2) lowering the Wraith dragon power
    3) that all the troops lost in a wraith dragon attack can be revived.

    I don't agree with the reward proposition because it has to be an extreemely good reward in order to make the risk worthy, because loosing 40k granite ogres is almost 2 month of training without rubies and at least one week using them without expending too much money.

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    Y can't we use all the 4 dragons at the same time?what is the problem?

    I personally think,not only i my friends too that y can't we use all the four dragons at the same would have been much better we can use it.
    guyz if u want it .then plz say about it..

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    i bought a speed up and used it, but it never worked, so i bought another and it did . i bought 2 1 hour speed ups and only 1 worked. i would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and i would like my 1 hour speed up back or my 10 rubies. i will be writing back to tell you all if i get my stuff back ,if i don't i will be quiting and writing on facebook how this game has ripped me off. i spend to much money on this game to be ripped off. thank you.

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    With 57 pages of comments, and an overwhelming majority of people saying that defense is a risky, ill-advised and rare thing in a world where the rewards of defense are vastly outweighed by the risks, any inklings as to when we might see some changes? I think we need some sort of "your expected wait time is xxxx" message here, before we drift off and do other things with our leisure time, besides trade resources.

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    unity is the basic thing we need in defence

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