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    talismanes antropus

    me gustaria que los talismanes se pudieran ganar en la boveda de fortuna o el azar de fortuna por que es muy dificil encontrar 100 mil atacando solamente.

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    si estaria perfecto pero no son tan dificiles de sakar .. mira yo en menos de 2 horas sake 70mil atakando solo campamentos antropus de lvl 8 y uno ke otro lvl 9 8)))
    hechale ganas y veras ke no es tan komlicado

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    It would be great if we can get more talismans not "for every 500 you kill you get one" instead it should be like for every 100 or 200 would be better.

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    It would be way to easy. It's really easy to get 100k talismans as it is. If they make everything so simple to get in a few minutes, there's nothing to do until the next thing comes along. As it is, most players had the Spectrsl Ruins within hours of it's release, newer players take a little longer, but that's expected in any game.
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    jaja men yo apenas tengo 10k y en dos dias casi 3 imaginate en 1 mes ya are mi puesto advanzado y mi dragon espetral

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