Greetings Citizens!

Here is a recap of all the new additions to Atlantis:

New Features!
  • Spectral Ruins - Now players can revive lost troops through the power of Blue Energy!
  • Walls now show colored flags when your troops are set to Defend!
  • Anthropus Talisman can now be found by attacking Anthropus Camps of all levels with a Great or Elemental Dragon! 1 Anthropus Talisman is awarded for every 500 Anthropus killed.

Changes to Game
  • Requirements for research levels of Aerial Combat to require Dragonry of the same level as the Aerial Combat research level rather than 8.
  • 250K resource bundles have been removed from the Shop and 80K and 500K bundles have returned.
  • Further increased the healing rates of Great Dragons.

  • Fixed issue with broken battle reports
  • Fixed issue with error stating that "Avatar Name not available" when the city name was actually not available
  • Fixed issue with players getting stuck in the Tutorial when opening a new realm
  • Fixed issues where players were getting the message "You have Performed too Many actions" unnecessarily
  • Fixed issue where resource reserves over a certain number showed as negative
  • Fixed issue where all Outposts were shown as "Spectral Ruins" when rolled over on the Map

PatchNotes will be released every Tuesday, so make sure to check your in-game messages for more information about new content and fixes to Dragons of Atlantis!