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    Quote Originally Posted by Riccardo Kabam View Post
    Thank you very much Colossith and William . We won't stop improving and tweaking the forums where is needed and Users feedback are extremely important for us.
    Thanks again for sharing your opinion with us
    it would help a lot if you can fix the password reset button, it doesn't work at all, that's the best place to start with, not trying to be a pain, just trying to help

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    tengo entendido k estasn buscando moderadores y me ofresco para el mundo isabella 10 hay mucho jugadores k usas el recurso de la 4 ciudad con mucho afan y son muy relativamente tramposos y eh denunciados a muchos,por ese notivo y me gustaria ser parte de kaban y tener la posibilidad de ser parte de este gran juego, como general elgomero y nivel 46 de xp eh pasado por mucho y la verdad k estoy cansado de todo esto y como miembro registardo me ofresco volulntario y espero k me elijan ,saludos elgomero en isabella 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by William2 View Post
    it would help a lot if you can fix the password reset button, it doesn't work at all, that's the best place to start with, not trying to be a pain, just trying to help
    Workin on it

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    [COLOR="#008000"][SIZE=4]sense Geof says he is not directly involved and can only offer advice to the forum side of kabam thought i would post here. KINDLY CHANGE THE COLOR SCHEME. If you read all the responses in K of C forum you can clearly see that this color scheme is giving people headaches. Ugh. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
    "Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more."
    George S. Patton

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    Thumbs up Felicitaciones

    gracias por la invitacion :'D

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    hey i love the new forum. But you should make it a little easier to take out cityscapes. and a counterattack button. because it is so hard to find someone and get revenge. and there also should be a feature that allows you to send money to a ally using a courier. other than that i love it

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    I agree with the coloring, hard to read with my glasses on,LOL

  8. 11-21-2011, 04:24 AM

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    nice one kabam!! boom yeah hahahaa

    nice one kabam!! boom yeah hahahaa
    Quote Originally Posted by Riccardo Kabam View Post
    Greetings Kabam Forum Users,

    Exciting news! Kabam’s new forums are set to launch within the next 30 mins to an hour, with many new features being unveiled along with a sharp new look! We are in the process of migrating the forums to their new home, including posts, threads and users information. But we need your help! Here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure a seamless transition.
    • If you are currently signing into the forums using your username and password, we will automatically create an account for you in the new forums. All your information (posts, threads, profile, etc.) will migrate automatically. The only difference is that from now on, you will use your email address and password to sign in.
    *Note* If you already have an account on our new site and wish to link it to an account on our old forums, you will have to manually change the email address of your old account to match before the migration. Only accounts that have matching email addresses will be linked together.
    • Facebook Connect users will need to register for a new account using their email and password on our new forums, and must use FB Connect during registration. Facebook Connect will create a bridge between the two accounts so you won’t lose content as long as the emails match. Make sure to sign up with the same email address! Our new forums will require all of our users to sign in with their email + password, even after linking a FB Connect account.

    Thank you for your time spent with us here at Kabam, and we are confident you will enjoy our new and improved forums on!

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    This layout is awful. It's hard on the eyes and is nothing special in terms of appearance.

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    a me

    mi risultava all'ora -200 di cibo pure se io non avevo ne truppe nnt che potesse consumare il cibo ora che ho 3 fattorie e la ricerca dell'agricoltura è scomparso il meno però io adesso vorrei essere rimborsato o con 10.000 rubini(gratis) o con 3 concessioni edilizie(gratis) sul mio accaunt di dragons of atlantics miki1998 città southpark xk x colpa di questo bug io sn stato bloccato per mesi e ora voglio essere rimborsato con queste cose che ho scritto

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