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    unlocking the mystery of the talismans

    As it was once carved in the stones of the hills thousands of eons ago as the translation roughly goes like this:
    The anthropus ruled the whole of Atlantis and dragons that roam the skys. Being feared by man and his sevents, no man would stand up to them fearing for the safety of there citys. The anthropus, upon ruling all the elemental dragons and all that walk upon their realms, their greed got the better of them. They heard whispers of a black dragon that hides in the shadows and so they set out on a journey in a search to find the shadow dragon to which was said to be in the darkest forest in the depths of Atlanis, guarding the final resting place of the great dragons for which they search eveywhere wiping out every civilization that stood in their way including their own leaving a burning wake behind them. No-one or anything would stand in their way of the obtaining the shadow dragon. No loss was to small. Wiping out millions of men, the Zolmec, be the original human beings, in touch with the dragons feeling, their pain set out to protect their land and dragons but as the profit of Cassandra once said "The anthrupus are to destined to doom this continent heave this warning to win this war the dragons of the shadows shall be the key for enlightment but sacrafices must be made." The Zolmec, not willing to make any sacrifices, followed the anthrupos picking up their deathly remains in hope that this would be enough to draw the shadow dragon out. The Zolmec gathered their best worriers and set out to find the dark forest before the anthrupos gazed upon it. For all will be doomed. Carrying the rotting remains of the dragons and their own men, though not knowing the power of the shadow dragon, they called upon the elemental dragons to help yeild the shadow dragon out into the light of the plains. As they stumble across the dark forest, they do no bare the courage to enter the forest, so they pile the remains at the gate to the forest and start chanting. With a swift haste, the shadow dragon arises within a foul rotten smell of death lurking around him, hidden in the mist of the fog as the fog dissapeares leaving a dark shadow cast on the trees That's when they heard an ear piercing cry coming from nowhere and as they see a pure black dragon with black soleless eye gazing upon them fearing, for their life they shield up. The shadow dragon saw this as an attempt to get control of the remains of the great dragon. The shadow dragon heaved a might cry, calling the misty fog back. Within seconds, the whole Zolmec army was consumed as well with the elemental dragons that fought by their side. Spitting the remains of the army in to a pile, it appeared to take on a pendant shape form made up of dragons tails and mans skulls. Hearing of there recent losses, a young Zolmac worrier, swore revenge upon the death of his father. Tracking his father foot steps, he came cross the dark forest looking everywhere for the gates when he stumbled across the talismans pendent. Realising that the skull, that bear on the front this, is this of his father. Bursting in rage he held up the talismans and crys at the top of his voice "I summon thee shadow dragon show me your wrath. For I will set fire to your burial grounds". As a passing shadow glimes in his eye, he turns around to see the shadow dragon inches from his face breathing it foul breath of a thousand rotten corpses. The boy hold the talisman to the dragons face, showing no fear for his life and says "why? They came for your help, not to pilage your grounds". Within this, the shadow dragon took a step back realising the boy meant no harm to the burial grounds and bowes to anoint the boy, then lay down as if to encourage the young Zolmec to ride him. With no reguard for his life, the young boy jumps on to his back and with a almghty thrust of his wings, they were in the fog of the dark skys. For what seemed like hours, they landed at a swomp. Within the swomp was a tree that had this black misty shadow surrounded by fog. The shadow dragon nudged him towards it. The young Zolmec hesitated to step any further. As he turned around, the shadow dragon nudged him harder lifting him up hurling him towards the tree stump dissapearing within the fog. The boy walk closer hes gazes upon the shadow dragon egg. As the young Zolmec grabs the egg, the shadow dragon heals out a ear piercing cry. With that, a 100 thousand battle dragons and swift dragons came prepared to battle to the death. The young Zolmec drop to his knees, praying for life as the shadow dragon covers the boy with his wings.The shadow dragon reveals the boy and grabs the egg just for the swift dragon to take the egg from him. As they flew into the sky with the egg tightly in their grasps, the shadow dragon grabbed the boy by his belt, then proceeded to fly in front off the egg untill they had landed at his home town gates. The shadow dragon cried another ear piercing cry with which it alerts the whole town. They came running to see the young Zolmec holding the black foggy shadow with that the shadow dragon flapped its wings creating a black fog. As the fog disimpated, there stood no shadow dragon. For it was gone, never to be seen again but all that remain is the army of dragons that are there to protect the egg standing ever so close to the boy. As the young Zolmec grows and trains the dragon, so does his shadow dragon. When the shadow dragon reached adult hood it then taught the now matured Zolmec that the talismen could be trained into the misty fog dragons for which is need to hide the shadow dragon in its fog. For the fog is not fog, but thousands of dragon soley presented to hide the dragon. Upon the anthrupos farm, they heard this young boy walked beside the shadow dragon. They started to vencher out of their camps in search of the shadow dragon egg once again

    In summary

    (Obtaining the shadow egg) Level 10 swomp with a wave attack with each elemental dragon eg first attack includes Great Dragon, second attack includes water dragon etc

    (Dark Forest) this is where the Shadow dragon needs to go to heal if the forest is lost then the dragon will fly in limbo until the original dark forest is obtained again

    (Talismans) Used to hide the shadow dragon as it doesnt have armour and cannot attack without them 1000 is needed at minimum

    (Anthrupos camps) Can now hit back in search for the shadow egg and will attack your dark forest as well

    here is my story and this is what i think will make the game more fun and interactive

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    player:last shadow
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    En los principios de atlantis los Antropus dominaban todo el continente, el cual controlaban esclavizando a sus habitantes hasta que un día un grupo de antropus rebeldes decidió liberar al pueblo después de largas batallas los rebeldes ganaron, quienes se convirtieron en personas civilizadas como lo son nuestras tropas, y controlaron a los Antropus salvajes sin embargo algunos no fueron capturados y formaron campamentos en donde conservaban los talismanes que eran las prisiones de cientos de miles de Antropus cada uno, ahora que se ah descubierto este poder los Antropus salvajes atacaran las ciudades y quien poseea mas talismanes podrá hacer conjuros para civilizar a los Antropus prisioneros de los talismanes y así poder derrotar a todos los sobrevivientes de la gran rebelión, nuestro nuevos Antropus civilizados formaran nuevas ciudades en las ciénagas y planicies para así evitar el renacimiento Antropus estas ciudades nos proveerán de recursos y soldados cada ves que consigamos talismanes vacios que se encontraran en bosques.

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    The Talismen are not to be trifled with... They hold the power to recreate the world as we know it. The ancient relics are used in dark arts to summon great beasts that harness enormous power... Luckily know one knows how to use the talismen to summon the great beast, that, beside Keres. She was the creator of the powerful artifacts. She crafted then out of the skulls of the dragon riders she conquered and infused them with the souls of slaughtered dragons. The dragons are kept in eternal torment with the talismen. This makes them angry and thus rage fuels their strength. Lore has it that they will be completely loyal to one who frees them. But Keres will not tell just anyone the secret of her terrible ruins. She will only give the key away to those who prove loyal to her and posses the required number of talismen... Beware my fellow atlantiens. Following Keres will surely bring great power, but at a great cost. Cassandra is already starting her own plans to combat the evil forces of Keres. So stay strong and true to the will of the Ancients! May the winds of prosperity always be at your back.

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    Gli antropus da sempre combattono per difendere i loro territori attaccati dai popoli vicini .Ma anche loro soccombono e i loro spiriti vagano irrequieti .Solo il talismano e stato capace di rinchiudere queste anime sangunarie .Creando un talismano magico.Il talismano infatt,i permette al proprietario accesso ai tesori degli Antropus e ricevere cosi cibo e risorse di un certo quantitativo ( 4kk di risorse per ciascun tipo) per un determinato tempo.Chiunqe riceva questo talismano avra il potere di usarlo per determinate volte ( 2 /3) e richiamare cosi in proprio aiuto gli spiriti dei defunti che rinchiusi in codesto talismano non potranno fare altro che aiutare il proprietario ,permettendogli cosi l accesso alle risorse degli antropus per un determinato tempo e per una determinata quantita.Rari da trovare il fortunato potra solo che gioire
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    Estaria bueno que fuera para poder dominar campamentos antrphus 10 y podes enviar esos formidables guerreros contra las ciudades enemigas


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    Keres has seen the tribes of Atlantis grow powerfull, and the bonds of the dragons with the tribes grow stronger. In her black heart, she knows that soon, she will not be able to triumph in her quest to cast all of Atlantis down. So she has tempted those who seek power without cost, knowledge without wisdom, and fortune bathed in blood. In those people, she has gained a foothold, and bred hatred in their hearts. "Go to the Anthtopus", she whispers," and take from them the talismans that make them powerfull. Take that power and keep it for yourselves." And the some of the lords of Atlantis listened to her whispers, and gained the talismans, putting themselves and, the dragons that protect them, into Keres' grasp.
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    Como creen que los campamentos de antropus consiguen restablecerse de tropas tan rápidamente??.

    Claro es gracias a los místicos talismanes los cuales los Antropus guardan celosamente, los cuales gracias a las fuerzas misticas que encierran y tienen la posibilidad que traer de regreso a este mundo a los guerreros caídos en batalla.

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    The Anthropus Wizard Talismans

    As it was once believed, there was eleven of the most powerful dragons in Atlantis. All of them would fight for control over the realm. Mankind was helpless againest them. Cities would be destroyed instantly. Until one day, when a group of troops came among one of them. Injured from battle, he could barely move. The troops were scared but curious and approached the dragon. He seemed to have been lying there for days. They went to the city and brought back the largest Crimson Bull they could find. When the dragon seen their offering, he took it. Within minutes, he rowred up and spit fire straight at the sky. Forever grateful, he went with the men. Sworn to protect them againest all danger with his life. The people decided to call him The Great Dragon. Ever since then, The Great Dragon has been working truthes with every dragon that he finds. So far, there are now four Elemental Dragons that now work with us. It was said the next was banished from the realm by 100,000 Antropus Wizards to never leave the darkest part of the forests again. The only way for him to return, is to gather all of the Wizard's talismens and send them with 100,000 of your best troops and your Great Dragon to find him.

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    Nobody Has dared to enter the darkest parts of the forest in centuries. Now the anthropus have ventured in searching for what one of the oldest Atlantis legends speak of. Many have died trying to uncover the secrets of the legend. This legend speaks of long forgotten souls of a being once thought to be extinct...

    venturing into the forest you notice the dragon bones...looks like the meat was stripped off the bones. as you venture in further there are anthropus bodies everywhere. one of them has a little shimmer as the moonlight hits it. you pick up the item and it seems to be some kind of talisman. venturing in further there are shrieks of spirits. further in there is a nest with eggs never seen before. as you look up u notice in the tree a giant shadow of a dragon. then one of the spirits notices the talisman and grabs it from your hand. it transforms into something never seen. it is both fast and strong, an amazing creature. it looks at u and shrieks like it wants to u to follow it. after a while you see another piece of the legend never known. the legend speaks of the creature as a Garuda. tells about how they learned how to escape into the spirit world to escape extinction. the legend also stats that whoever finds the talismans will get an army of them...if you help the Garude get revenge on the anthropus for attempting to wipe there kind out.

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    Red face Más dragones

    Dragones muertos en antiguas batallas están regresando del inframundo... sólo quienes posean estos talismanes lograrán dominar su furia y canalizar la energía de estas ánimas en favor de su imperio...

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