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    Mystery of the Talismans [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

    Mystery of the Talismans Winners!

    Congratulations to the following 25 entrants, who each won 50,000 Anthropus Talismans! These imaginative and talented players will definitely have a leg up on building their Spectral Outpost when it is released! Click on their name to read their winning entry!

    NOTE: If your forum name has 3 stars (***) next to it, please PM Victoria with your in-game information (Realm and player name) so you can receive your prize. The rest of the prizes have already been awarded.

    Thanks everyone for participating! The entries were awesome and fun to read.

    Rawbin Hewd
    Laura Mizzi
    Nelson Gorostiaga
    Carly Altizer
    Kenny Bowyer***
    A D H S
    Jessica Anne Brown***
    Anna Dontneedtoknowmyname
    Harald Acker***
    Captin Jared

    Atlantis is brewing with speculation about the mystery of the Forests. Citizens have recovered mysterious items from the Anthropus. No one knows the power these Talismans hold or why they are being found in Atlantis.

    We want to hear what power you believe these ancient relics hold. The players who come up with the best narrative behind these Talismans will when a special mystery prize!

    This contest ends 10/23/2011 11:59pm PST.

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    El Misterio de los Talismanes

    Nadie en Atlantis sabe con certeza qué misterios se esconden en los bosques. Algunos intrépidos señores se han hecho con enigmáticos talismanes que poseían los ántropus, pero ni los místicos más experimentados han sido capaces de desatar el poder que aparantemente estos amuletos encierran.

    Queremos saber qué piensas acerca de ellos, qué poder crees que se esconde en su interior. Aquellos jugadores que redacten la mejor historia sobre los TAlismanes recibirá un premio muy especial.

    Este evento finazilará el día 23 de octubre de 2011 a las 11:59 p.m. PST.

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    Le Mystère des Talismans

    Atlantis parle avec spéculation à propos du Mystère des Forêts. Les Citoyens ont trouvé de mystérieux articles des Anthropus. Aucun ne connaît le pouvoir que détiennent ces Talismans ou pourquoi ils ont été trouvé à Atlantis.

    Nous voulons entendre de ta bouche, quel pouvoir détiennent ces anciennes reliques. Les joueurs viennent à nous avec la meilleure histoire derrière ces Talismans gagneront un prix spécial mystérieux!

    Ce concours expire le 24-10-2011 à 8h59.

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    Il mistero dei Talismani

    Su Atlantis ormai non si fa altro che parlare del mistero delle Foreste. I Cittadini hanno trovato misteriosi oggetti negli Accampamenti degli Anthropus. Nessuno conosce il potere di questi Talismani e il motivo per cui siano su Atlantis.

    A cosa credete che servano queste antiche reliquie? Raccontateci la vostra versione e i giocatori che scriveranno le migliori storie sui Talismani vinceranno un misterioso premio speciale!

    Il concorso terminerà il 24 Ottobre alle ore 8:59.

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    Das Rätsel der Talismane

    In Atlantis reden alle nur noch über das Geheimnis der Wälder. Bürger konnten rätselhafte Items von den Anthropus bergen, aber keiner kennt die Macht dieser Talismane, oder den Grund, warum sie in Atlantis gefunden werden.

    Wir möchten gerne von euch wissen, welche Macht ihr glaubt in diesen Relikten steckt. Die Spieler mit den besten Schilderungen bekommen einen besonderen Preis!

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    I have a feeling it will be the new arsenal for the Garuda troops...hope im right !

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    These Talismans are found most often in the mysterious Level 10 Anthropus Camps. For you see, they are crafted from the dashed hopes and dreams of players who think they're clicking on a lower-level camp, and their tears mix with the blood of 90k slain SSDs, forming these gruesome trinkets.

    -General Zod, Frontier realm.

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    think the talisman will have the power to fuse a swift strike dragon with a giant to make the new Garuda troops.

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    The power of the talismans allow the owner to use them to turn the troops in the Anthropus Camps to work for them. When you attack an anthro camp and are in possession of a number of these talismans, the troops succumb to the attacker, give over ownership to the attacker and return to the City to fight for the city.

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    Thousand of years ago there lived a powerful dragon in Atlantis.. They called him the 'Dragon of the Forests' also knows as the 'Lifebringer' because he could communicate with nature as if this dragon was mother nature's child. He could make forests grow out of no where, provide shelter for nomadic tribes wondering the desserts of Atlantis, and build natural fortifications around cities.

    It is said that one day this dragon gathered a handful number of druids; priests of the wild that lived in the forests serving mother nature and gave each of them a talisman that contained a part of the dragon's soul. The dragon then disappeared into the sky, leaving Atlantis to peace as he fulfilled his task.

    Lore has it that when all of these Talismans come together, and in the first full moon of the winter season every 300 years, the druids can summon the great 'Dragon of the Forest' to come down to Atlantis and bring peace once more to this place.

    There is one problem though... during the years passed, the forests these druids used to live in, have been raided and pillaged by savage Anthropus tribes.. Nobody knows where these Talismans are and who has them.

    Atlantians! Are you ready to fight your way through the hordes of the Anthropus tribes, re-unite the Talismans of the Great Forest Dragon, summon him back and crush your opponents with his power to bring peace to Atlantis again?!

    Be quick and make haste if that is your destiny.. because the first full moon of the winter season is approaching.. And you wont find another chance for the next 300 years if you miss it!

    Koboyiashi - Irving realm
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