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    The reason the Anthropus are drawn to these items is the massive power they hold these are created in a long forgotten ritual. As the Great dragon sense their approaching Death they retreat to the deepest part of the forest pouring the great power they posses into the talisman to be passed on the the next generation of Dragons thus ensure the Dragons lineage of ancient power shall not be coruputed. Over time this ritual slipped into obscrurity and eventually became legend then Myth. With these talismans reappearing at this Time can only mean one thing The world of Atlantis will Never be the same.

    Dadwraith65 Tempest realm

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    As mighty warriors rise and forge a bloody path to peace, it has not gone unnoticed that the Anthropous have not dwindled in number, despite their camps being raided hundreds of thousands of times.

    "Where do they all come from?" voices across the realms whisper.

    One day, on a windy afternoon, you muse this very same question. As if by chance, you look toward the mighty keep high in the sky, towering above, and are alarmed. Your dragon is staring at YOU.

    Dropping to your knees, clutching your head in agony, a voice screams your darkest fears; A dark menace, unseen, trickling skull shaped coins on a path toward your destruction, into the deep dark of the woodlands.

    You awaken with a chill and know, you must seek out these Talismans the Anthropous hold dear and find out what dark magic lurks behind them....

    Rawbin Hewd
    Albion Realm
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    After the great war ended, many vengeful ghosts roamed Atlantis. The Ancient Ones used their mastery of science and created a talisman against them, while the Anthropus made their own crude imitations from the teeth of fallen dragons and the skulls of their own dead. While the technology of the Ancients was lost, these still exist and hold the power to bind evil spirits into service.

    Player: Janus
    Realm: Frontier

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    Long ago the ancient ones used to rule this land, they were honored and respected by many but feared by all. When there life had come to an end they would venture deep into the darkest forest where they would take part in the "Ritual of Passing" there very essence would be stored in these talismans with hope to be released someday where they would once again rule as they did before.

    Player: Ragnarok
    Realm: Kensington

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    i think the new item is for new troops

    Player: Dreeaqu
    Realm: Potomac

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    i think that it might be a rebirth of a strong faster dragon

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    The Mysterious Talismans..... I use them like quarters. I deposit one every time I want to play game and do alliance chat without getting a white screen. Works very well but I am running low could I borrow a few from someone?

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    once apon a time in a glitch free dragons of Atlantis there was a quest that gave you 25 The Mysterious Talismans there are rumors that 1 can summon toops from antropous camps to help defend your castle with that even the most weak player can defend with mighty forces but if you use one you are also able to send as many troops on marches as you can.cause in real life you can send as many as you want

    nick the great

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    When Atlantis was young and protected by the Elemental Dragons of lore, an Ancient Force roamed free upon the land. Over the years, this unknown force has accumulated power within the depths of the forests. The Anthropus have reason to fear this ancient power, making sacrifice near the resting site of the unknown force. The talismans mark another successful ritual; they hold the key to power beyond knowledge.

    -Sickle Cell, Kensington Realm

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    "Investigando antiguos libros de las bibliotecas de los viejos reinos, han descubierto que los talismanes son solo una pieza del rompecabezas que decifra la ubicacion de los portales de nuevas razas de dragones que se creian extintas, los mitologicos dragones pintados en los muros de los campamentos antropus dejaron de ser solo pinturas hechas por niños, son fragmentos de la historia de la atlantida, y de como la ambicion de antuguos señores llevaron a los grandes dragones a ocultarse en las profundidades oscuras de los portales de los bosques.
    Este nuevo descubrimiento lleva a la curiosidad de muchos a enviar expediciones a los rincones mas lejanos, y las respuestas son pocas y confusas. Es acaso este nuevo descubrimiento un indicio de un gran secreto guardado desde tiempos inmemoriables por los antropus? Que quieren decir los dibujos en los arboles y paredes de los campamentos antropus?
    En lo profundo de los bosques se oye el eco de un rugido nunca antes escuchado en Atlantis por los nuevos habitantes, pero tal vez familiar para los antiguos maestros..."
    Reino Santiago
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