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    Cool People should stop whining and learn how to Download Greasemonkey and install scripts

    plz stop whining and educate yourself on game mechanics.

    if u need help, you can send me funds via paypal and I will tutor you.

    that is all

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    [COLOR="Red"]Enough of these threads, none of them are getting anything but closed. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Red]It will not let me receive PMs. If needed you can either email me at or post to my visitor messages.

    [x] - Steal checklist idea from someone who has stolen the checklist idea
    [ ] -Convince the KOC community that rainbow attacks do not work outside of DFs
    [x] -Make a successful attempt at helping Kabam make female avatars.
    [x] -Create an Obese Constipated Wonder Woman
    [x] -Complete two checks in one go.

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