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Thread: Level 10 R&D

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    Level 10 R&D

    I have a spare Generals Orders - was just looking at what to spend it on - I see that L10 R&D unlocks special weapons artifact set

    Has anyone done this?

    What weapons do you get?
    What do they do?
    Where do you collect the artifacts?


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    if u have a GO the first thing u would use it is for a BArrack , then Factory,this will allow u to build sbs, then u use it for Universty , which will allow u to do some extra research ,now remember even some research require lvl10 buildings like agriculture wants lvl10 farms and so on , the next best thing u could do is upgrade ur HQ ,get that extra wild ,but i would suggest upgrade ur General quaters,it will allow u to lvlup ur general till 200 ,which is awesome , then your Wall lvl10 gives u extra protection , R and D doesnt really give u any extra weapons,but it improves ur chances of getting good artifacts when u attack wilds or terrorist camps , so that is a waste of a GO i would say ,

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    Any alliance that I can join in??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maldiver View Post
    Any alliance that I can join in??

    You can join "NorthernAlliance". We're small but growing quickly. Just send a request.

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