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    Changes to Egg and Armor Drops!

    Hello Citizens!

    As of today, September 9th, citizens MUST use one of the Great or Elemental Dragons available to Atlanteans in any march attempting to locate ANY:

    Elemental Outpost Egg
    Armor for any of the Elemental Dragons

    To accommodate the change. The drop rates for Elemental Eggs and Elemental Dragon Armor have been raised.

    Finding armor for your city's Great Dragon is the same. The only change has been to finding Elemental Dragon Eggs and Armor.

    Happy Hunting Atlantis!

    Update: The changes made to the Armor and Egg systems were not done to increase cost for players but instead to make the process for finding Eggs and Armor consistent. After the Wind Outpost was released, we made the change to require a Great or Elemental Dragon on a march to find a Wind and Water Eggs and Armor. From our perspective, it did not make any sense to have different processes for finding Armor and Eggs so we decided to make it consistent all around. We also decided that we needed to raise the drop rate for Armors in Eggs so that the time it takes players to get Armor and Eggs will be relatively the same. The issue with that is that the experience is and always has been different for every player in terms of time and effort it has taken to get Armor and Eggs do to the randomness of drops. It has and will always continue to take various amounts of time and overall attacks to get Eggs and Armor. However, we are monitoring player feedback and drops globally over the game in order to make sure that items are dropping at reasonable numbers.

    Additionally, many players have been concerned over the healing times and damage done to Great and Elemental Dragons in battle. In an effort to help, we recently DECREASED the amount of damage done to Great and Elemental Dragons in Battle and DECREASED the healing times. In order to shorten the healing times further, players will need to research higher levels of Aerial Combat AND Medicine.

    Lastly, I want you all to know that we are listening to your feedback and will consider making changes when you provide CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. If you would like to do so, please see the following thread - Changes to Egg and Armor drops Discussion
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    *First* (just because I can)


    I am usually for all changes in game. This one, however, is going to make early game much more difficult for new players. I understand the reasoning behind it, and accept that I will not be doing any more realm walking, but I now feel for the up and coming DoA players. Having to wait until you can get your dragon, SC, dragonry, rook, and AC to the apporpriate levels before you can start out posts is going to be rather infuriating. Eitherway, the change is (i'm sure) not going to be taken back any time soon. So, whatever.

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    i agree skullblaka just another way for kabam to give the advantage to the people that can pay for there over priced items, how is a small player ment to have any chance to hunt for an egg if the r being hit by bigger players and there dragon is damaged and to have any chance of properly attacking a wild for the armor your dragon has to have high lvl cause every attack also damages your dragons, its just another ploy to get people to fork out and pay for there over priced items
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    Hello Kristy and skulblaka009, the change was done in order to improve the experience of finding eggs and armors. The first reason was for simple consistency reasons in that a Great or Elemental Dragon was needed to find Water and Wind Eggs and Armor so we decided to expand that all Eggs and Armor to make things consistent. In addition, although every attack damages your Dragons you can still send them out on subsequent attacks it is just less effective in battle. Researching Aerial Combat is now more important but we want to make sure research stays important to the game.

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    Yes u can send dragon out while still damaged but if the dragon is damaged to much it can not be sent out, so higher players r just going to hold others back by constantly hitting them to hold them back. U can dress this up anyway u like but at the end of the day this gives more advantage to the people who have the most money to spend on the game. Aerial combat takes ages to research now having to reaserch this first to get an outpost to expand will hold the smaller players back on research for defense
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    Good. This is an excellent idea.

    Seriously, it does slow down (slightly) getting your first OP...but not by much IMO for new players. How many really will be able to attack a level 7+ wild effectively really quickly? Most would build Cons and Hals and all and just keep getting wiped until they finally figure out what to do (which can take weeks)

    Getting the GD armor is easy; how many times a day do people attack camps for food? Not that hard...

    But I had the best drop rate for my Wnd Egg and Armor...<50 hits for all five. Compared to the 500-1000 or more for the whole set of just one other OP...

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    This is a difficult change for new players. I have just gotten my GD to a level where it can attack, however after each attack it's unusable for 2.5 hours while it heals. I've burned through some leaps just to try to progress, but keep coming up with nothing. If this change is going to be viable, the GD needs to be able to participate in an attack while hurt. Right now the poor little lady shows as being dead and isn't available for attacks. If you can only attack for armor or eggs once per 2.5 hours and the drop rate isn't 100%, I expect that I'm not going to be the only one who hates this game very quickly.

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    The Great and Elemental Dragons are just stupid and pathetic, you send them once, they go down for 2 or more hours. Until you rectify this "mishap" or I should define it to be more like... a total freaking SCREW UP! on the behalf of the script writers. I never wanted to get my great or elemental dragons, now to have them shoved down my freaking throat to JUST! be able to "play" the game properly and to advance my army further. Make the dragons stronger for gods bloody sake! Instead of them being inferior wimps that are just there for aesthetics of the look of the game.

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    Funny is this...
    Time should be some more down. Like you have to wait for some things more then 5 days? ridiculous..
    For the people who just came here, It should be easy in the start, like getting your first outpost.
    Then after your first outpost you should go harder and harder, So a player can build up experience with the Outposts, And then the harder part comes to get more outposts.
    40k(just a guess) for the water egg and post could be under 20k. But it should just like I said, A start up so people does know how to use outposts (Working with the camps and silo's, how to build your field there) and stuff like that.

    That's All I got to say, To make it less time wasting, The time lesser.

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    I think this change would have been welcome in only the later dragons e.g. fire and wind, by placing this restriction on the water and stone eggs I tend to agree with most here that it is no more than a money making technique which will make game a lot harder for new players, give a far greater advantage to ruby players and bullies and generally hamper first time users experiences, at this stage this is the only facebook game I have stuck with and being able to find my water dragon egg and expand within the first few days was something that really spiked my interest in the game. I think it was a very poor choice and I hope it is changed soon.

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