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    Release 24.1.0 is NOW LIVE

    Patch Notes

    New Dungeon:
    Lair of Draconis

    Lair of Draconis notes:

    - Fighting the dragons in different orders triggers different abilities in subsequent dragons.
    - Depending on how the first 4 dragons are defeated you can unlock a fifth dragon and better loot.
    - Introducing Pet Effects! A new status effect that can turn your pet into a chicken and negate it's abilities for a certain amount of time.
    - New UT loot for each of the 5 dragons, including 5 new cloth (cloth by: Wunderwafe).

    Thanks to everyone that helped on closed and open testing, and to the entire community for your feedback.

    Read more about Lair of Draconis Here.

    Specials thanks to these folks who contributed to the creation of this dungeon (in alphabetical order):
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    Release 22.2.0 is now LIVE!

    Items and skins:
    - 2 New skins added to be used for upcoming event.
    Bug fixes:
    - The Lair of Draconis dungeon is still being worked on by the realm team. Some changes have been made to the dungeon but we advise players to avoid using keys to the dungeon until we announce its completion. For more info on Lair of Draconis, please go here.
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    Release 22.3.0 is now LIVE!

    Bug fixes LoD:
    - Doors should now open correctly
    - Huntress traps should no longer prevent souls, mirrors, or orbs from spawning
    - Loot Chests are stasis immune
    - Loot Chests should spawn regardless of when the dragons are killed
    - Pet Effect Icon added

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    Release 22.4.0 is now LIVE!

    - Lair of Draconis now drops from the Rock Dragon Event
    - Rock Dragon now has its own loot table
    - This Includes a new UT item, The Ray Katana
    - Month of the Mad God Re-Skinned Items are now Soulbound and UT
    - Month of the mad God Re-Skinned Items will not longer drop from mobs
    - LoD UT and cloth drop rates have returned to normal after the early access event
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    Release 22.5.0 is now LIVE!

    - Tome of Purification now has a description
    - Traps no longer prevent objects from spawning
    - Added missing pixel in mask for Nexus no Miko Skin
    - Added two missing pixels in mask for Bandit Skin
    - Added missing pixel in mask for Bashing Bride Skin
    - Removed (3) extraneous pixels from mask for B.B. Wolf Skin
    - Corrected animation for Shoveguy Skin and Slime Wizard Skin
    - Removed delay on HP/MP Heal (and optimized display time)
    - Resolved memory leak in Hardware Acceleration
    - Resolved issue with overlapping event notifications (Class Quest, Quest Complete, Level Up, etc)
    - Players can no longer attempt to reply to Announcements
    - Trades can now be initiated from the right click menu in chat

    - Ivory Wyvern Loot Chest HP increased
    - Minor map update on LoD
    Discuss these changes Here!
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    Release 22.6.0 is now Live!

    Bug Fixes:
    - Classic Wizard skin no longer loses left foot when dye is applied
    - Ray Katana now drops in a White Bag
    - Shoveguy Skin now moves the football with the arm when shooting
    - Tiny Rototo's no longer give fame to prevent a client exploit, large Rototo's now give more fame
    - Constructs no longer spam chat (Note: The exception to this is with cloaked rogues, a larger fix for that is being investigated)
    - Implemented a solution for Oryx Castle Crashes
    - Constructs no longer claim to be impervious to non-mystic attacks
    Discuss these changes in this thread!
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    Release 22.7.0 is now Live!

    Bug Fixes:
    - Forgotten Souls now give 0 XP
    - Corrected the Forgotten King's explosion mechanic at the end of the fight

    - Sword of the Mad God is no longer Soulbound
    - Sword of the Mad God is once again T12
    Discuss these changes in here
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    Release 23.0.0 is now Live!

    New Features:
    - The Alchemist
    - The Tinkerer (Daily Quest)

    - Onyx Shield of the Mad God

    - Added Platinum Rogue

    - Gentleman Skin and King Knifeula Skin are now Soulbound
    Discuss these changes in here

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    Release 23.0.1 is now Live!

    Release 23.0.1This is just a small push for a couple of clean up things and support for upcoming changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    - Backend Maintenance
    - Backend support for new TOS / PP
    - New Options menu tab (MISC) for TOS / PP support

    Discuss these changes in here
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    Release 23.1.0 is now live!

    1) Fixed the Daily Quest button to say “Check Back Later” if the Quests are not available. The “All Quests Completed” screen will still display until the browser is refreshed.

    2) Added 8 new Tarot Card treasures, 1 each to the following dungeons:
    - The Devil: Abyss of Demons
    - Death: Manor of the Immortals
    - The Magician: Mad Lab
    - The Sun: Candyland
    - The World: Lair of Draconis
    - The Tower: The Shatters
    - The Chariot: Lair of Shaitan
    - The Moon: Ocean Trench
    The Tarot Cards will be usable in a future version of Daily Quests.

    3) Additional TOS / PP pop up modal support.

    Thank you to Dappertron and LabdaABeta for the wonderful Tarot Card artwork!

    Discuss these changes in here
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