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    Post Join us in Welcoming Advisor Wheaton in Atlantis

    Citizens of Atlantis,

    Advisor Wheaton has finally surfaced after a long treacherous expedition in the wilds! In a show of respect for this fabled advisor, Lords and Ladies across Atlantis have taken to changing their city names and bearing his insignia.

    Beginning today, any player that places fabled “_AW” of Advisor Wheaton after their Player and City Name, will receive a free Advisor Wheaton Prize Chest. Each chest will contain fantastic prizes!

    Simply place Advisor Wheaton’s initials at the end of your Player and City Name.

    View Advisor Wheaton's Official Announcement Video Here
    View Advisor Wheaton's Mobile Quest instructions #1
    View Advisor Wheaton's Mobile Quest instructions #2

    For example if your player name is DragonRazor, changing it to DragonRazor_AW, will qualify you for an Advisor Wheaton chest! Make sure to have your name changed by Monday April 28th, when Advisor Wheaton will grant his chest to participating players.

    The Lost Artifacts

    Advisor Wheaton has discovered the location of several lost Artifacts spread throughout the wilds of Atlantis. Starting Monday, April 21st - Monday April 28th, look for special video announcements and Tweets (@wilw) from Advisor Wheaton as he reveals the locations of his missing artifacts. Be sure to check the Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon YouTube page for updates all week long.

    Look for items bearing Advisor Wheaton’s Inisignia:

    Name:  WW Icon.png
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    Every participant will have the chance to win cool in-game prizes! Collect all three of Advisor Wheaton’s Artifacts and win an exclusive grand prize in-game item!

    All prizes will be awarded within 3 business days of the events end. Prizes are not cumulative, limit one prize per player. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn a prize from one of Atlantis’ Legendary Citizens! Prepare for Advisor Wheaton's quest now!

    *Wil has been working with us and we’re glad to see he steered you to this post about the DoAMobile sponsored event.
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