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    zoot is realy now big sorry to say but it is big shit, i even dont open it anymore, for what to get dec nanos or 50k gas, lol, where are a1 colony, c2 colony, ruby cores, anihalators, decimator crates, rebilions, renegades , etc etc, this zoot now is like at beging of game best reward was cerulean rack and now is same, when rock you will work on zoot, i also started new Thread about to get back in store a1 colony and c2 colony and why not e3 also, i spend to much money in this game and what we get back, nothing

    who is intrested that we get a1 and c2 back in store please answer at http://community.kabam.com/forums/sh...olony-in-store, thank you all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarkin View Post
    I'm not talking about the last Riot. If that is included it makes 3.
    u are a du,b ass

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    i think we should have:
    general orders
    deci crates
    annihilator crate
    both armor and ammunition boosts for the bases
    building cores
    incin cores
    control cores
    de keys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beez7 View Post
    I was excited to read through some of the posts on the message boards around the recent Zoot's Loot Riot from what people got and how they used them in the game. Which specific items do you prefer to be part of the Zoot's Loot Riot? Which items do you want to see less of? Any other ideas around Zoot's Loot Riot as well?

    Incendiary cores, lol and no res pls.
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