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Thread: Hacker Threats

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    Hacker Threats

    So recently, I was just in an Undead Lair dungeon. I was in with two people, a warrior and a rogue. The rogue had decent gear, and his name was "Necromanaj". He told me "To leave or I'll hack ur acc". I told him I was recording, which I was, and he brushed it off like it was nothing. It has been about a day since this has happened, and I had locked him and messaged him recently. He told me that he would report me for "Blackmail" since I told him I would disregard the events for trade for some gear. I have not lost anything, but I am just making sure that I do not get hacked. I hope that you take this player out of the game, and I will provide evidence (I'm new to forums, so I do not know how to include a video). Kabam, Please take this person off of the game...

    In regards-

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    Just ignore him. You should expect a lot of em in MMO like this.

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    Yep, just ignore them, the best thing I like to do when people threaten me because they want me to leave, follow them around like crazy

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    Post it to youtube and then post the link here.

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    Fortunately, this guy is probably bluffing. Most people who threaten to hack have no idea how to do so.

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    dont give anybody your login email

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    As long as it isn't SwatSec you should be okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefive View Post
    As long as it isn't SwatSec you should be okay.
    Yes, because it's SO hard for a hacker to make a new account.

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    Don't download suspicious links, don't download hacked clients or other shady third-party programs, don't post screenshots showing your account credentials, change your password often, have 2 different e-mail adresses and passwords for your in-game and your forum accounts.
    Then you should be fairly safe. Most hackers can't just get your account by simply meeting you in-game, and most hacks-users in rotmg are little kids just downloading that shit, they have no idea how to code.

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